Explore the floating Uros islands along with the Island of Taquile, on this full-day trip, one of our most popular excursions. Traversing the boundary of land, sky and water, the floating islands have been constructed from “totora”, or junco reed roots, by the Aymara-speaking Uros Titino people that inhabit them. Our guests have exclusive access to some of the islands’ communities and their remarkable heritage, with a unique opportunity to interact with the skilled reed rafts-men and the expert women weavers, and see the ancestral techniques they still use to keep their islands afloat. On Taquile, one of Titicaca’s larger natural islands and home to several small Quechua villages, guests see the making of other traditional textiles, which are so unique UNESCO has designated them Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. You can then enjoy a picnic with a dazzling view of the deep blue skies mirrored by Lake Titicaca, with Bolivia’s Cordillera Real, or Royal mountain Range, on the horizon.