Perhaps the region’s largest and most important pre-Hispanic funeral ground, the archeological complex of Sillustani provides evidence to the area’s rich past while offering visitors privileged views of Lake Umayo. Host to a number of chullpas, or ancient funerary tower-like structures, built exclusively to house the remains of nobles and distinguished individuals, Sillustani is among the best kept archaeological sites in the area. Sillustani provides visitors with a range of chullpas in varying architectural forms resulting from changing time periods and power shifts of peoples like the Pucara, Kolla, and Incas. Note, for example, the pre-Incan towers’ rustic appearance and smaller size in comparison to the Incan period’s larger and more sophisticated chullpas. Made up of rocks weighing between 2 and 6 tons, the largest tower in the complex, known as the Lizard Tower, is estimated to have taken over 50 years to build. Combining archeology, history, and unforgettable views, Sillustani is a must-see location.