One of the region’s largest and most important pre-Hispanic archeological sites, Sillustani features Inca and pre-Inca funerary towers, or “chullpas”, overlooking Lake Umayo. These imposing structures were built exclusively to house the remains of nobles and other distinguished individuals. The complex has a range of chullpas in varying architectural styles, reflecting the region’s changing power dynamics between cultures including the Pucara, Kolla, and, of course, the Incas. You will be able to note the pre-Inca towers’ more rudiminetary style and smaller size compared to the larger and more sophisticated Inca chullpas. Constructed from rocks weighing up to six tons, the complex’s largest chullpa, known as the Lizard Tower, is estimated to have taken more than 50 years to build. Combining archeology, history, and unforgettable views, Sillustani is a must-see location.